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Elevate Team Performance with Bonsai

Bonsai: More than a wellness app—it's a personalized wellness system, crafting unique journeys for users to achieve a healthier, happier life

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Bonsai Business Benefits in Numbers


find it important to them to work for an organization that provides support for employee mental health.

American Psychology Association 2023 Survey


of leaders whose companies offer mental health benefits effectively meet employees mental health needs.

Corporate Wellness Magazine 2022 Article


of employees reported improved work performance and reduced absenteeism after receiving support.

Linkedin Talent Blog 2021 Article

Bonsai streamlines wellness for small teams and organizations, providing personalized plans and interactive AI chats to foster a healthier and more productive work environment, supporting individual and team success.

  • Unlimited Journeys
  • Advanced Chatboxes
  • Analytics & Insights

Bonsai Business empowers large organizations to prioritize well-being, professional growth, and productivity. Schedule a conversation to explore how we can contribute to a healthier, more engaged, and productive workplace.

  • Unlimited use to all of Bonsai’s Features
  • Exclusive Content
  • Collaboration tools

About Bonsai Business

What exactly is Bonsai Business?

Bonsai’s corporate plan is a specialized program designed to enhance the well-being and productivity of employees within companies. Through Bonsai, businesses can provide their employees with a personalized wellness journey tailored to individual needs. This holistic approach focuses on mental and physical health, aiming to reduce stress and increase overall happiness. By fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, Bonsai empowers employees to achieve their wellness goals, leading to a more vibrant and engaged workforce.

How are Bonsai Business plans different from Bonsai consumer subscription?

The Bonsai Business team plan allows you to purchase the plans for groups of 5-50 employees at a discounted rate. They will receive full access to Bonsai features, which is the same in-app experience as an individually purchased subscription to Bonsai premium.

How much does the business plans cost and how will I be billed?

Your Team Plan cost is determined by the number of covered lives you intend to include. The more you purchase, the greater the discount we offer.

Upon purchasing a Team Plan, the provided payment method (major credit and debit cards accepted) will be charged for a single upfront payment covering the entire year at checkout. Your subscription activates immediately and is scheduled for automatic renewal at the end of each annual billing cycle.

Currently, we exclusively offer the Team Plan on an annual basis. The subscription automatically renews yearly, but you have the flexibility to disable auto-renewal at any time through the Bonsai business account

Is it available in my country?

Bonsai Business is available internationally. Our app is in English and is available in French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

I still have questions about Bonsai Business.

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