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Customizing notifications and alerts in Bonsai ensures that you receive timely reminders and updates that align with your preferences and schedule. Here’s how to tailor these settings:

  1. Setting Notification Preferences: Within Bonsai’s settings, you can adjust when and how you receive notifications. This could include daily reminders for meditation, mood tracking prompts, or updates on new content. Tailor these to fit into your routine without becoming intrusive.
  2. Opting for Relevant Alerts: Choose the types of alerts that are most relevant to your wellness journey. For instance, if your focus is on stress management, you might opt for notifications related to stress-reducing activities or tips.
  3. Managing Notification Frequency: It’s important to manage the frequency of notifications to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Bonsai likely allows you to decide how often you want to receive reminders or updates. Set these to a frequency that keeps you engaged without adding to your stress.

By customizing notifications and alerts in Bonsai, you can ensure that the app serves as a supportive tool in your wellness journey, providing helpful reminders and updates that align with your goals and lifestyle.

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