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Navigating the Bonsai app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users of all levels of tech proficiency to interact with the app effectively.

  1. Home Screen Overview: When you open Bonsai, you’ll be greeted by the home screen, which provides a quick overview of your current wellness status and suggested activities. This screen typically displays your progress, upcoming tasks, and personalized greetings from the Bonsai AI.
  2. Accessing Key Features: The app’s main features like mood tracking, stress management tools, and AI chat are easily accessible from the main navigation menu. This menu is clearly labeled, allowing you to switch seamlessly between different sections like meditation, goal tracking, and wellness tips.
  3. Interacting with the AI Companion: To engage with the Bonsai AI, simply tap on the chat feature. Here, you can converse with the AI, ask questions, seek advice, or receive guidance on various wellness topics. The AI’s responses are designed to be engaging and helpful, guiding you through the app’s features and offering personalized suggestions.

Overall, Bonsai’s interface is structured to facilitate a smooth and engaging user experience, allowing you to focus more on your wellness journey and less on figuring out how to use the app.

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BonsaiBonsaiDecember 20, 2023

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